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HuBei AnLu ChangMing Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

     HuBei AnLu ChangMing Food Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in Anlu,HuBei Province,which is only 100km away from the capital city of Hubei province-WuHan,super convenient transportation.
      We specializing in food machinery,after decades of professional experience and innovation,we have a strong team and advanced managent and manufactring technology to
  ensure the quality of the product.
      Our company is one of the leading enterprises in researth,development,manufacturing and sales in china.Our products include cleaning and destoner series,Elevator series and 20一200T/D rice milling completed sets. Our products are well distributed in domestic and  international market,and get good comment from the customers all around the world.

      We insist"quality and service come first",policy to produce the best product to create a nerw future for you and us!

Corporate culture

Business philosophy

Honesty, customer first

Enterprise spirit

Forge ahead with determination, make continuous innovation and achieve customers

Quality policy

Elaborate manufacturing, continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence

Enterprise tenet

Serving the country, serving the society, serving customers, serving the public

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